FCAN stands for an America where everyone gets their fair share, does their fair share, and pays their fair share; and where everyone plays by the same rules.

Annual Membership Meeting

FCAN will hold its annual membership meeting on May 23 4 pm at the St Pete office. Members are invited to attend, but please RSVP to bill@fcan.org . Business for the meeting includes nomination of board members and officers for two year terms, a review of program work, and a financial review. The office is at 3110 1st Ave N Suite 2K, St Petersburg, FL 33713. Call for more info 727-327-2400"

FCAN Foundation releases new Complete Streets for St Pete Report


Medical Debt Malpractice

FCAN Releases "Medical Debt Malpractice" -- a new report on aggressive tactics by medical debt collectors

The report “Medical Debt Malpractice,” by the USPIRG Education Fund and the Frontier Group. Released by FCAN, the report explores consumer complaints about medical debt, a major source of problems for consumers, since medical debt items on credit reports are often wrong or about the wrong consumer. The report also demonstrates the need to defend the CFPB from partisan and special interest attacks.

Press release PDF

Medical Debt Malpractice PDF

Complete Streets for St Pete

Eliminate Barriers to Walking with FCAN

Walking is the most basic form of transportation. People walk and use mobility devices like wheelchairs every day to meet their needs in St. Pete, but not all our streets were designed to support walking.

FCAN volunteers conducted walk audits of 18th Avenue South, the Skyway Marina District, and 28th Street North. Walk audits are a fun way to evaluate streets in St. Petersburg and identify changes needed to make them Complete Streets. Complete Streets can improve health, save lives, and benefit the local economy by making it easier to walk, bike, and shop safely. The City of St. Petersburg is creating a Complete Streets plan this year, so now is the time to help more people walk safely in St. Pete!

See what we found on the walk audits:

walk audit 1

See more walk audits on our Complete Streets page

What's a Complete Street? Imagine a street where you’d feel comfortable letting your 8-year old son ride a bike with his 80-year old grandma. That’s a Complete Street. Complete Streets are safe for people of all ages and abilities and serve people traveling in all different ways: walking, biking, taking transit, or just enjoying the street as a public space. Read more

FCAN Releases 2016 Trouble In Toyland report

At a press conference hosted by Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, Congreswoman Kathy Castor spoke to media, parent, and activists to warn about dangerous, recalled toys that may be available according to a new report by Florida PIRG released by FCAN.

"Playing it safe with a quick and easy check to recalls.gov will help keep families safe and our smallest consumers out of the emergency rooms this holiday season and year-round. Last year there were 254,200 toy-related injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments," said U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor (FL14)‎.



toy report 16

Download Trouble in Toyland 2016 Full Report (68 pages PDF)

Download 2016 Executive Summary (2 pages PDF)


FCAN Joins Florida Why Courts Matter Coalition

Our nation’s federal courts make rulings on virtually every issue that is important to Americans. Although most Americans are familiar with the Supreme Court, many are surprised to hear that more than 900 judges have lifetime appointments to serve on lower federal courts and hear thousands of times the number that the Supreme Court hears. And most of the time it’s these lower courts that have the final say. More information...

Building A Fair Share Economy Starts With Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes

Corporate lobbyists are already leaning on the new Congress to protect tax loopholes and cut taxes for big corporations. Meanwhile, Congress isn't hearing enough about closing these loopholes.

That's a problem because a 2008 study showed that 83 of the top 100 publicly traded corporations operate subsidiaries in offshore tax havens. And it costs taxpayers $150 billion a year that we could use to better educate our kids or repair our roads and bridges.

Let's tell our members of Congress: It's time to close every loophole that allows big companies to hide their profits overseas. Let's make sure everyone pays their fair share and build an economy that works for all of us.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson is on the Senate Finance Committee and has an important voice on the way on this debate. Contact Sen. Nelson and ask him to end the loophole for offshore tax havens and invest that money building the middle class.

FCAN Joins Fair Share Alliance

FCAN becomes part of a new national network. What's up?

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