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Will Trump's "Border Adjustment" cause Florida insurance rates to rise?

President Trump and allies are proposing an economic plan known as "Border Adjustment" which would impose a tax on imported goods and services. Supposedly, it will create jobs. One of the items that could be taxed at a rate possibly around 20% would be reinsurance transactions. The result would be higher homeowner insurance rates in Florida, a state which heavily depends on international insurance transactions. Read more...

A similar problem comes from the Neal bill, which is another attempt to tax offshore reinsurance companies. FCAN and a coalition of allies oppose Rep. Richard Neal's (D-MA) bill to raise taxes on foreign based insurance companies operating within the United States because we believe it is anti-consumer and anti-competitive.

FCAN joined with the Coalition for Competitive Insurance Rates (CCIR) and voiced its strong opposition to the bill. CCIR, a broad-based alliance dedicated to assuring competitive insurance costs and insurance availability for American consumers, contends that the bill would drive up consumer insurance rates by reducing competition and critical US insurance capacity. Consumer organizations and businesses that rely on affordable insurance coverage joined in opposing passage. More information:

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Life Insurance - buying guide - the real information about life insurance the companies don't want you to know

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Sinkholes - the problem you don't want to hear about, but they're here. See FCAN's video explanation of the new Pasco County Sinkhole law